Table of Contents No. 3

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Vol.E-2, No.1, 2002

Vol.E-3, No.1, 2004

We have 13  papers.
  1. Proposition of New Neighborhood Structures in a Local Search
    Method for Job Shop Scheduling Problems
    Hitoshi IIMA and Nobuo SANNOMIYA
    pp. 1-7.

  2. Autonomous Distributed Control of Traffic Signals with Cycle
    Length Control
    Masao SUGI, Hideo YUASA, Jun OTA and Tamio ARAI
    pp. 8-18.

  3. An Optimal Design of Sampled-Deta Systems with Communication Constraints
    Hisaya FUJIOKA and Kensaku ITO
    pp. 19-24.

  4. Relation between Spectrum Density and Wavelet Transform of Correlation Function
    Tetsuya TABARU and Seiichi SHIN
    pp. 25-32.

  5. Robust Receding Horizon Control for Hybrid Systems based on Constrained Positively Invariant Sets
    Masakazu MUKAI, Takehito AZUMA and Masayuki FUJITA
    pp. 33-39.

  6. A Model for Representing Artifacts Based on the Modality of Operations and States: Toward design focusing on user interaction
    Hidetsugu SUTO, Hiroshi KAWAKAMI and Osamu KATAI
    pp. 40-48.

  7. Generation of Digital Elevation Map of the Moon from Observation Data Interpolated by Fractal Modeling
    Shoji YOSHIKAWA and Ken'ichi NISHIGUCHI
    pp. 49-55.

  8. Nonlinear Adaptive H Control Systems for Bounded Variations of Parameters
    Yoshihiko MIYASATO
    pp. 56-65.

  9. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Using Successive Linearization - Application to Chemical Reactors -
    Hiroya SEKI, Satoshi OOYAMA and Morimasa OGAWA
    pp. 66-72.

  10. An Actor-Critic Algorithm using a Binary Tree Action Selector: Reinforcement Learning to Cope with Enormous Actions
    Hajime KIMURA and Shigenobu KOBAYASHI
    pp. 73-81.

  11. An Autonomous Distributed Route Planning Method for Multiple Mobile Robots
    Masakazu ANDO, Tatsushi NISHI, Masami KONISHI and Jun IMAI
    pp. 82-90.

  12. Adaptive Estimation of Component Proportion in a Pixel of a Multispectral Image
    Senya KIYASU and Sadao FUJIMURA
    pp. 91-97.

  13. On Control Systems for Human-Machine Cooperative Systems with Stable Tool Dynamics
    Takeshi INABA and Yoshiki MATSUO
    pp. 98-107.

Vol.E-4, No.1, 2005