Table of Contents No. 4

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Vol.E-3, No.1, 2004

Vol.E-4, No.1, 2005

We have 11  papers.
  1. A New Approach to Rectangle Packing Problem Based on Stochastic Tabu Search
    Yuji SHIGEHIRO, Seiji KOSHIYAMA and Tatsuya MASUDA
    pp. 1-8.

  2. Analysis of Woven Fabric Structure using X-ray CT Images
    Toshihiro SHINOHARA, Jun-ya TAKAYAMA, Shinji OHYAMA and Akira KOBAYASHI
    pp. 9-17.

  3. Modeling and Detection of Stiction in Pneumatic Control Valves
    Hiroshi MARUTA, Manabu KANO, Hidekazu KUGEMOTO and Keiko SHIMIZU
    pp. 18-26.

  4. Real-time Network System by Responsive Processor and Its Application to Bilateral Robot Control
    Yutaka UCHIMURA, Nobuyuki YAMASAKI, Takahiro YAKOH and Kouhei OHNISHI
    pp. 27-34.

  5. Graph-Dependent Sufficient Conditions for Synchronization of Network Coupled System with Time-delay
    Masateru AMANO, Zhi-wei LUO and Shigeyuki HOSOE
    pp. 35-43.

  6. An Observer Design and Separation Principle for the Motion of the n-dimensional Rigid Body
    Hidetoshi SUZUKI and Noboru SAKAMOTO
    pp. 44-51.

  7. A Reference Governor in a Piecewise State Affine Function: Its Implementation and Experimental Validation
    Kiminao KOGISO and Kenji HIRATA
    pp. 52-61.

  8. Delay Time Estimation Using Hilbert Transform and New Extrapolation Procedure
    Yosuke TSUCHIYA and Yasushi MIKI
    pp. 62-67.

  9. Time-period Analysis for Pulse Train Deinterleaving
    Ken'ichi NISHIGUCHI
    pp. 68-78.

  10. Dead Time Measurement of Stable System by Wavelet under Closed Loop Configuration
    Tetsuya TABARU and Seiichi SHIN
    pp. 79-88.

  11. Development of Multi-Fingered Hand for Telepresence Based on Tactile Information
    Akihito SANO, Kosuke NISHI, Hideki MIYANISHI and Hideo FUJIMOTO
    pp. 89-96.

Vol.E-5, No.1, 2006