○International Award

Dr. An-Sheng LIU
He received the B.S. and M.S. degree in Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Currently, he is working towards the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. His research interests cover various topics include visual tracking, object detection and classification, human-computer interaction, surveillance system, sensor network, and intelligent spaces.

受賞論文「Daily Activity Prediction Based on Spatial-Temporal Matrix for Ongoing Videos」
Predicting human activities is an emerging area in computer vision to help computational systems to forecast ongoing human activities. This paper recognizes the challenging activities of daily living that all contain similar manipulations. A spatial-temporal matrix (STM) feature descriptor is used to involve the shape and motion information. Then, a temporal bag-of-words algorithm is proposed to interpret the local feature vectors on the diagonal of the STM and support vector machine (SVM) is performed to train the classifier. Experimental results show that the proposed approach outperforms the state-of-the-art activity prediction algorithms. It also proves this framework can intuitively represent the image interaction (HMI).

○Young Author's Award

Mr. Yuichi MASUDA
He received the B.E. degree in Robotics from the Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan in 2014 and is currently working toward the M.E. degree at the University of Tokyo. His main research interests include the wideband and low emission wireless communication technology with two-dimensional communication systems.

受賞論文「Contactless Coupler for 2D Communication Tile Connection」
For applying two-dimensional communication (2DC) technology to the entire floor of a room, the concept of 2DC tile have been proposed. In terms of fabrication, delivery, and implementation, the floor should be covered with multiple pieces of 2DC sheets as small as typical carpet tiles. In this paper, we propose a contactless coupler for signal transmission between adjacent 2DC tiles without any electrical contacts. The simulation and measurement results show that the proposed coupler is sufficiently tolerant of positioning error between a pair of couplers.

○Poster Presentation Award

Mr. Noppasit PIPHITPATTANAPRAPT  (Student Member)
He received the B.E. degree and M.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2015. His main research interests include Energy Management System and Smart Grid application to Mae Hong Son Smart Grid pilot project in the North-West of Thailand.

受賞ポスター「Energy Management System of Hybrid Power Generation with Battery Energy Storage and Application to MHS Smart Grid Project」
This paper proposes an improved dispatch strategy to Mae Hong Son (MHS) power system. MHS is located in a far north west of Thailand which had encountered the worst electrical power problem for many years. MHS hybrid power generation contains photovoltaic power plant, mini-hydro power plants, diesel power plants and also 115kV and 22kV transmission line which are connected to Chiang Mai power grid. In addition, there is an initiative to increase the capacity of renewable energy sources. In this study, we consider the existing power system of MHS and add more electrical power supplies such as PV generation and battery energy storage. Our dispatch strategy is a multi-objective optimization which aims to minimize the total operating cost and the total CO2 emission corresponding to MHS hybrid power generation. We formulate the dispatch strategy as a linear program subjected to constraints on hybrid power generation models, battery state of charge, and power balance principle. The numerical results show an improvement on economic and environmental operation of power system in normal mode for dry season and rainy season.