SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration (JCMSI) announces that it will publish a special issue entitled  “the Special Issue on SSI 2016” in November 2017. The objective of this special issue is to gather high-quality studies in SSI 2016 and present their revised/extended/translated versions to all over the world.
This special issue focuses on any areas covered in SSI 2016 as well as those related to them. That is, the topics of this issue include, but not limited to:

     Systems Engineering
     Intelligent Systems
     Decentralized Autonomous Systems
     Computational Intelligence
     Discrete Event Systems
     Human-Machine Systems
     Social Systems
     Molecular Robotics
     Relationality-Oriented Systems Science
     Smarter World
     Embodied-Brain Systems Science
     Symbol Emergent Systems

Important Dates
     Paper submission deadline:         March 31, 2017
     Paper acceptance notification:     July 31, 2017
     Journal Publication:                    November, 2017

    Guest Editors:
    Setsuya Kurahashi (University of Tsukuba) and Shingo Takahashi (Waseda University)
    Associate Editors:
    Yoshiaki Katada, Hiroshi Someya, Satoshi Murata, Toshiharu Hatanaka, Susumu Hashizume,
    Hidenori Fujino, Ken Sugawara, Katsunori Shimohara, Teijiro Isokawa, Toshiyuki Kondo,
    and Tadahiro Taniguchi