Call for Papers SICE JCMSI Virtual Issue on SICE Annual Conference 2022

SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration (JCMSI) will publish a virtual issue to disseminate the original and high-quality studies presented in SICE Annual Conference 2022 in revised/extended forms to the world. This virtual issue focuses on any areas covered in the conference, which include, but not limited to measurement, control, system integration, system and information, industrial applications, and life engineering. The submitted papers will undergo an expedited review process.

Important Dates
Paper submission deadline:         October 17, 2022  
Target publication date of the issue:    May 2023

The full-length manuscript should be sent along with a filled cover letter by selecting SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration on the submission portal accessible via the Journal website (Click on `Submit'). During the submission process, please mention `Virtual issue on SICE Annual Conference 2022' as `Special Issue name' when asked if the paper is for a special issue. The designated cover letter can be downloaded here. Papers with insufficient cover letters will not be on the expedited review track. Accepted papers will be published in the virtual issue as part of the yearly issue.

Important Information
All submissions to the virtual issue based on extensions of materials presented in Regular Papers of the conference must comply with the following conditions:
(1)  The paper titles must be different from the ones in the conference proceedings;
(2)  The authors must cite their paper that appears in the conference proceedings;
(3)  In the journal paper, the authors must describe in detail how the submitted journal paper differs from the cited conference paper. In particular, the additional original contribution in the journal paper has to be pointed out explicitly in the first section.

Failing to comply with these three conditions will lead to an immediate rejection unless the original conference paper is a Position Paper.  

Guest Editors
Noboru Sebe (Kyushu Inst. Tech.), Naoki Hayashi (Osaka Univ.)