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-Informing Society about SICE-

President of SICE: Shigeki Sugano

President of SICE:Masatoshi Ishikawa

  I was appointed as the 56th director and auditor of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) at our general assembly of employees on February 20, and subsequently elected as President at the first meeting of the board of directors. I keenly feel the weight of responsibility that accompanies the role of President of such a historic organization.
  Over the past few years, the board of directors have taken the initiative in implementing measures to improve the financial standing of SICE. In particular, a financial improvement taskforce was established under the leadership of the President last year, and as a result of carefully checking our finances and compiling and executing countermeasures with the cooperation of six divisions, eight branches and numerous committees, we have started to experience major improvements in our financial standing. While we must always remain aware of the need for financial austerity in the running of our organization, it is also important to maintain an awareness that doing so will not necessarily energize SICE’s constituent members, divisions or branches.
  Our society provides a forum for researchers to develop their own field or to conduct interdisciplinary research. The society fulfills its mission best when members sense a vitalization of their specialist fields, or a greater anticipation of creation of new technologies through our activities.
  At our general assembly, I talked about our plans for the invigoration of SICE. Based on last year’s proposals by the planning committee and discussions among the expanded board of directors, seven specific mid-term plans and nine annual plans have been proposed in place of the conventional mid-term plan of operation that previously defined our general framework.
 Out of the seven mid-term plans, the following three are the principle ones for invigorating SICE:
– Increased public awareness of SICE through expansion of information transmission via web development, etc.
– Attainment of international evaluation standards for the International Journal, JCMSI
– Strengthening of information transmission through staging of events for enterprises (supporting members, etc.)
  The pillars of our society’s operations are the staging of academic conferences and symposiums and the publication of our society journal and papers. In addition, I consider PR activities via the internet and other means to be an effective method for promoting participation, especially of enterprises, in these activities.
  As concrete measures for realizing the above mid-term plans in fiscal 2017, we have established the following activity plans based around a central axis of PR:
・ To enhance our ability to carry the SICE message to industry and society at large, provide a greater transparency of necessary information, more access hits for SICE based on keyword searches, provision of smartphone services, participation in social media, and renewal of the SICE homepage including planning of video clip contests, etc.
・ Increase in participants through planning of corporate events (provision of Japanese language WS etc. at SICE 2017 Kanazawa)
・ In order to clarify the roles of SICE and promote related technologies on Society 5.0, enhanced transmission of information into society, including to manufacturers and user enterprises in different fields, through staging OS and workshops related to Society 5.0
SICE is primarily concerned with measurement and control, which form the basis of all systems including IoT, along with the design of such systems. On manufacturing lines in enterprises, especially small and medium sized ones, we sometimes hear people say that they need such basic technologies but do not know which technologies to investigate or how to go about introducing them. Even in major enterprises, there are rapidly growing demands to ascertain the effectiveness of AI and other new technologies, but I feel the criteria for determining the introduction of such technologies still remain unclear. If SICE can therefore transmit appropriate information out into society in a timely fashion, and if we can create the conditions under which such information widely resides in society, the significance of SICE will be greatly enhanced and more corporate members and non-members will wish to participate in our academic conferences and join our society.
  Revamping of the SICE homepage represents a greater visual presence for SICE, while the planning of events in Japanese for enterprises at our annual conference will encourage greater participation in them.
I also hope to actively provide opportunities to debate CPS (Cyber Physical Systems), which at the moment tends to be focused on network architecture and high-speed computing, from the perspective of concrete objects of measurement and control, and in doing so demonstrate its practical effectiveness through SICE.
My motto is to keep moving forward and to keep everyone happy. I intend to work together with all the other new directors to respond to the expectations of our members, enterprises and the general public, and I anticipate and appreciate your support and cooperation into the future.

Shigeki Sugano
(Waseda Univ.)
April 1, 2017



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