President's Message
-Toward Value Creation as an Academic Society-

President of SICE: Akira Maeda

President of SICE:Masatoshi Ishikawa 

It is my great honor to be appointed as the 55th President of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE).  On behalf of the board of directors, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to our members and industrial supporting members for their contribution to various SICE activities.

Engineering has been contributing to society with many inventions and innovations from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to the present Digital Age. Measurement, control and system technologies, also, have been contributing to society with the automation of factories and construction of infrastructure. However, engineering is faced with new challenges, such as revitalization following the Great East Japan Earthquake, reducing social risks, solving environmental issues, etc. In addition, the contribution of engineering is highly expected in the fields of advanced medical care, agriculture/forestry/fisheries, education, and so on.

To meet these expectations, it is necessary to manage social systems which have different, context driven, and mutually affected factors, such as the human factor, natural environment, and the economic system. As these challenges reside in an interdisciplinary and new domain, academic societies which should create new knowledge and synthesize it towards the future, have the responsibility of finding a way to solve it. Especially, SICE, whose characteristics lie in its solution oriented approach to the “system creating” science, will be able to create new values and solve social issues. In addition, activities of an academic society should be enhanced by integration of engineering disciplines in order to establish sustainable innovations.

SICE published SICE mid-term Vision in 2012 to commemorate the 50th anniversary, and the four pillars (mid-term Goal) to realize this Vision, “Presence (for Society)”, “Service (for Members)’’, “Internationality (for the World)”, and “Management (Organization and Finance)”.  To visualize the approach of SICE mid-term Vision, SICE has established Action Plans for a single year and for 3 years.

SICE continues our effort to enhance the actions in the four pillars from the view “every action should lead to the increase of the value to our members”. For “Presence”,  the Academic Road Map toward 2050 submitted to Science Council of Japan will be updated,and the rules for enhancing it will be established. For “Service”, an increase of direct and indirect merits to members will be implemented, such as value improvement of the conference/journals/transactions, expediting of information publications for members by IT, and enhancing cooperation between industries, government, and academia for the economic growth. In addition, SICE will expand the area of activities for women, students and international members. For “Internationality”, the collaboration with Asian academic societies will be expanded as well as IEEE, IFAC, IMEKO, so that SICE will be one of the top brands in the field of measurement, control and systems. In addition to an expansion of the areas of activities for international members, an increase in the accessibility of English publications will be achieved. For “Managements”, SICE will carry out constructive measures to enhance the foundations of finance and organization. In addition, SICE will vitalize the organization while respecting diversity so that activities of each member lead to his/her feeling of his/her contribution to the growth of SICE.

To resolve new issues facing engineering, it is necessary to show a leadership in an interdisciplinary manner. SICE will strive for this target by open collaboration among industries and related societies with high competency in “creating system”,so that SICE can promote the innovation for the next generation. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support to further the growth of SICE working for all humanity.

SICE mid-term Vision
 SICE will contribute to the resolution of social issues and the reduction of social risks, as a core society of measurement,  control and systems, by integrating distinguished knowledge and creating new values in an interdisciplinary manner, and by enhancing collaboration with industries and related societies as a hub.
Four Pillars (mid-term Goals)
(for Society)
Service (fin: Members)
Internationality (for the World)
Management (Organization and Finance)
 SICE will contribute to the progress of society and industry, by promoting the science and technology of measurement, control and systems, by internationally providing a place and occasion for distinguished accomplishment while educating tainted people, by creating new values thorough interdisciplinary collaboration, and by enhancing the activities of society for solving social issues.
 SICE will provide valuable service to each member and support the interdisciplinary activities of members, by providing an excellent and comfortable occasion and an efficient tool for specialty deepening, intellectual creation, information publication and exchange, science and technology systemization, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
 SICE will enhance information publication ability internationally, by providing occasion to researchers and engineers for discussion through the SICE annual conference and the SICE English Transactions and contributing to education and human resources development as a hub society of measurement, control and systems in Asia, by contributing to establishing international standards through active participation and proposals, by contributing to the growth of science and technology through strong communication and cooperation with all the academic societies in the world and the support of international conferences.
 SICE will establish operational excellence for achieving SICE mid-term Vision with the request and needs of a rapidly growing global society, by cooperating with industries and related societies, by optimizing the organization with increased speed of decision making, and by strengthening the organizational and financial foundations with the view of enhancing service to members.

Akira Maeda
(Hitachi Ltd.)
April 1, 2016



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    (Apr. 10, 2017)

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