• Article published in the journal(June 2022)
    Prof. Mihoko Nojiri, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), gave a lecture. She has a wide range of insights into gender equality, and we had a round-table discussion afterward.
  • SICE Annual Conference 2023 luncheon Session (September 6-9)
    Luncheon session will be held on Friday, September 8, 2023 from 12~13 o'clock.
    fter the lectures by the two participants, we will divide into tables and have a discussion (we will set up a Japanese-English table).

    Prof. Carolyn L Beck
    Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
    University of Illinois Urbana-CHAMAIGN, USA

    Prof.Tomoko Yoshino
    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    Please join us!

         As an outreach activity, we held "SICE Junior" to learn robot programming for children.
         5/27 (Sat) 1st Held in Osaka (Report: 20230626_SICEDIA_SICE Junior)
         The second session will be held on Friday, August 11 in Osaka.

SICE-DIA: About SICE Diversity and Inclusion Activity

SICE is working to promote diversity and has established the SICE Diversity and Inclusion Activity (SICE-DIA) Steering Committee as a diversity promotion organization.

Achieving gender equality is the Goal 5 pf SDGs. Promoting diversity makes it easier for new ideas creation, improves creativity, innovation, problem-solving ability, etc., and revitalizes the organization. Hence promoting diversity, including gender equality, is an essential issue in research activities and academic society management. However, the SICE has many points to improve, such as a small number of female members, a low ratio of female officers, and a low ratio of female award recipients. To change the situation, we started discussions on what we should do to promote diversity. We will find actions that will bring benefits not only to female members but also to male members.
Since 2013, SICE has been an official member of the Gender Equality Association Liaison Committee among 54 academic societies. SICE has participated in the girls' junior and senior summer high school since 2005 to promote the committee activities.

By launching SICE-DIA, we will further accelerate our activities. Specifically, we will share information with our members through articles in academic journals and organize workshops. In addition, we will make recommendations so that SICE activities will align with the promotion of diversity.

Please contact the SICE Office Membership Section (e-mail: member[at] We welcome your comments and participation in SICE-DIA!

SICE Diversity Statistics (April, 2023)

  • Female members (154) among all members (4,596) (female ratio is over 3%)
  • New members in 2022: 29 female, 323 male (female ratio is less than 10%)
  • Female officers(4) among 26 (5 female in 2022)
  • Female award winners in 2022 (No female in 2021)
      Academic Encouragement Award: 4 female, 11 male (female ratio is 27%)
      Society Award:                                5 female, 65 male(female ratio is 7%)
      Outstanding Student Award:          36 female and 326 male (female ratio is over 10%)


  1. SICE-DIA Steering meeting
  2. Published a roundtable article in the journal(June, 2022)
  3. OS(Organized Session) at SICE AC 2022
  4. Collaborate with external organizations
      1. Steering committees (4 times / year)
      2. Symposium planning
      3. Large-scale survey (November) / Women ratio survey (September)
    2. Participate in summer school for high school girls ("Natsugaku")
    3. Collaborate with other academic societies (eg.WIE, WIC) in Japan and overseas
  5. Information sharing: SICE website, Facebook, Mailing list

[Organization and members]

SICE-DIA Steering meeting
Keiko Takahashi (President) (Waseda University)
Reiko Hishiyama(Director)(Waseda University)
Tomonori Sato(Vice-president) (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Shinako Matsuyama Tokyo Electron Limited
Mihoko Niitsuma Chuo University
Miwa Ueki Fujitsu Corporation
Junko Ohya Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Kazuya Sato Saga University
Hideaki Ishii Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hiromi Mochiyama (Director)   Tsukuba University
Noguyuki Kakuryu Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Yuki Minami Osaka University
Eiko Furuya University of Hyogo School of Engineering & Graduate School of Engineering
Toru Asai Nagoya University
Tielong Shen Sophia University
Takahiro Suzuki Tohoku University/Reitaku University
Dai Murayama Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Shinako Matsuyama(Director)
Tokyo Electron Limited.
 Keiko Shimizu(Vice-Director) 
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation


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