Visa Information

Visa Information for SICE2019

For authors of accepted papers, we will prepare an invitation letter written in English for your visa application upon request.
*we can not prepare an invitation letter for participants without accepted papers.

As a rule, this procedure is applicable only to the authors of accepted papers who have already paid the registration fee through the conference registration system. We only support visa application for attending the conference.

A list of countries with visa exemptions can be found here (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan).

Process for issuing an invitation letter for Visa application

Applicants should satisfy all of the following conditions 1– 6.

  1. The applicant is an author of an accepted paper.
  2. The applicant has registered for the conference and paid the registration fee.
  3. The applicant has submitted his/her final manuscripts.
  4. The applicant has booked his/her flights and accommodation.
  5. The applicant has filled out the visa_info_form_SICE2019.
  6. The applicant has sent the form to the SICE2019 visa support desk:
    (Please replace “[at]” by @).

This form must be sent to the SICE2019 visa support desk by July 1, 2019.