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President of SICE: Motofumi MATSUMURA

President of SICE:Masatoshi IshikawaAt the 8th ordinary general assembly of employees of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) held on 23rd February 2018, the 57th term directors and auditors were appointed, and I was elected as president at the first meeting of the Board of Directors. I feel tense towards the heavy responsibility of the chairman of an academic society with a long history.

As a core academic society in measurement, control and system field, SICE has followings as a mission.
“We contribute to the extraction and problem of social issues by means of :
-Cross various fields and quest for knowledge, create new value,
-Become a hub of related fields and of industry, government and academia, disseminate and collaborate value. "

And we work out the midterm programs as the pillars of four contributions to “society”, “membership”, “international” and “academic or association organization”. And toward this, we formulates the business plan for each year.

As a basis for the management of academic societies, we will work on enrichment of public relations activities and improving financial base toward contributing to academia and industry, to create knowledge and to improve global status. Stabilizing the financial base is a continuing challenge for us. Therefore we have been developing policies to improve the value of the academic society.

In this fiscal year we are going to give the following three preferential measures.
(1) Expand services (further collaboration with industry)
? Increase the added value of SICE, clarify concern areas to provide and enhance its promotion (ex. information dissemination by holding OS (organizing session) or Work Shop (WS), and through the International Journal, JCMSI publication etc.)
? Strengthen service to expand cooperation with companies (to small- and medium-scale enterprises by holding enterprise events at AC (Annual Conference), technical division and chapter activities, etc.)
? Enhancement of the SICE website by making more attractive contents
(2) Globalization
?Continue strategic activities such as acquiring international evaluation criteria and reviewing editorial policy to improve international competitiveness of journals and papers
?Strengthen publicity for AC2018 Nara and prepare for AC2020 Thailand
? Promote international events (2021 IMEKO World Congress in Yokohama, IFAC 2023 World Congress in Yokohama etc.)
(3) Improve management efficiency
?Review of business tasks, strengthen IT infrastructure, and consolidate organization and operations
?Improve budget and accounts management for build a solid financial base

Advances in technology related to software and hardware are remarkable, the amount of data to be handled has dramatically been expanding, and efforts aimed at structural innovation of society and industry through its use are being disseminated around the world.

In Innovative initiatives, for instance "Society 5.0" and "Connected Industries" in Japan, growing areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, Robotics, have enlarged not only expectations of users but also accelerate R & D towards internal (production) and external (products and services) in motivations and opportunities of company’s business innovation
In addition, we know also significant growth of demand in IT or automation which improve competitiveness of manufacturer as measures against maintaining manufacturing skills and lack of labor force.

To establish a realistic space where cleverly and skillfully uses data, research or development is important for having robustness, accuracy, reliability, durability, safety, standardization, economy, etc. but related to those coordination in hardware and software.
In connecting these without compromise, it is essential to collaborate research and technologies of measurement, control, systems, etc. from a cross-sectional perspective, and we believe that cooperation between industry and academia will be a strong driving force.

I believe the arrival of such a digital society generates a great motivation and a golden opportunity to talk about their thoughts to the future for researchers and engineers involved in measurement and control fields, even if values ??and methodologies of them are in different positions now.

To match "Deepening and fragmenting academic" and "Commercial technology to be compounded", in other words, “current science technology and business”, we hope SICE would become the session get a boost exchanges with various researchers and engineers in different fields, such as theory, system, optimum cooperation, industry application of measurement and control, and become a group to offer exciting and creative information continuously as well.
 For social contribution and SICE members, we will make efforts for further development of SICE and we appreciate continued support and cooperation with all members.

Motofumi Matsumura
(Fuji Electronic Co.,Ltd.)
April 1, 2018


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