Code of Ethics
The members (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) of the Society for Instrument and Control Engineers (hereinafter referred to as ”SICE”) are proud to produce innovations in science and technology through the pursuit of truth and meeting unforeseen challenges in their field; to support society and activities of people; and to contribute to the promotion of human welfare and the development of society. Members shall recognize their serious social role and responsibility; act faithfully, with honor and dignity; develop their expertise, skills, and integrity; and strive for the enhancement of the safety, health, and welfare of human beings, and for the realization of a society in coexistence with nature. To this end, Members shall endeavor to be honest and unbiased, observe laws and regulations, and act according to their conscience. SICE itself recognizes its social role, and supports Members with priority given to the public interest. To fulfill these missions, SICE establishes the following Code of Conduct, to be diligent in the dignified enhancement of expertise and social responsibility.
Code of Conduct
1. Members shall recognize that they are responsible for assuring the quality of the specialized knowledge and skills that they themselves create, and shall contribute, by using their expert knowledge, skills, and experience, to the benefit of the health and welfare of humankind, the safety and security of society, and the sustainability of the global environment. In view of the possibility that their technology might engender a risk, they shall choose actions with the highest priority on safety, and shall strive to enhance a sense of security based on appropriate disclosure.
2. Members shall recognize that scientific autonomy is upheld by public
trust and the mandate of the people, and shall always make judgments and act with honesty and integrity. Moreover, Members shall make the utmost effort to scientifically and objectively demonstrate the accuracy and validity of the knowledge they create through scientific and engineering research, and shall actively participate in mutual quality assurance processes, such as peer review in the SICE community, especially in their respective fields of expertise. Members shall recognize their abilities, and shall strive not to damage society.
Continuous Professional Development
3. As well as endeavoring to maintain and improve their own expertise, abilities, and skills, Members shall constantly strive to understand the relationships between science, technology, society, and the natural environment from a wide-ranging perspective, and to demonstrate the best professional judgments and attitudes at all times.
Accountability and Disclosure
4. Members shall strive to appropriately disclose and actively explain the role and significance of their own research, evaluate the possible effects of their research on people, society, and the environment as well as the changes that their research might engender, neutrally and objectively disclose the results of this evaluation, and build a constructive dialog with society related thereto.
Research Activities
5. Members shall act with integrity according to the spirit of this Code of Conduct in drafting, planning, applying for, implementing, and reporting their own research; ensure that research and survey data are recorded, stored, and rigorously handled; and not only refrain themselves from any misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism, but also refrain from aiding or abetting such misconduct.
Establishing Sound Research Environments
6. Members shall recognize that establishing and maintaining fair research environments where responsible research can be conducted is one of their important duties, and shall actively participate in efforts
to improve the quality of research environments in the SICE community and their own institutions. Moreover, they shall seek the understanding and cooperation of the public in achieving these goals.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
7. Members shall observe all laws, regulations, and relevant rules in their activities, including the implementation of research and the use of research funds.
Consideration for Research Subjects
8. Members shall respect the dignity and rights of individuals who cooperate in their research, and shall safeguard and give proper consideration to their welfare. They shall also treat animals and other research subjects with all due care and respect.
Relation with Others
9. Members shall constructively criticize the results of other scientists' research, humbly listen to the criticism of others, and exchange opinions with an attitude of sincerity. Moreover, they shall properly give credit to other scientists' intellectual findings and achievements, as well as respecting the honor and intellectual property rights of others.
Rejection of Discrimination
10. In their academic society activities, Members shall respond to others fairly, from a perspective based on science, respect individual freedom and character, and not discriminate against individuals based on their race, gender, status, beliefs, or religion.
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest 
11. In their research, reviews, evaluations, judgments, and other scientific activities, Members shall pay sufficient heed to the presence of conflicts of interests themselves and organizations, and shall properly address such problems, paying all due attention to the public interest.

SICE Code of Ethics (PDF)